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Item No.: HI000584

NASK Nanofiber Smart Mask (5pcs/pack) Adult use

* Kills over 99% of Bacteria within 5 minutes and traps Viruses. (Reduced cross contamination)

* >99% Filtration Efficiency against MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) - NIOSH N99 Filtration Efficiency Level

These include various allergens such as dust mite waste, pollen and mould spores which are known to trigger allergies and other respiratory related conditions.

* 100% made in Hong Kong

* Advanced Nanofiber construction

* Low moisture retention

* Long hours durability-can be worn over 24 hours

* Certified Material Safety

* Ultrathin fibres:

• Ultralight

• High Specific Surface Area

• High load capacity

* Highly rated wearers comfort in terms of:

• Airflow/breathability

• Irritation (itchiness)

• Tightness

• Earlobe comfort

• Heat

• Ease in talking

• Ease in maintaining mask in place

• Mist over glasses

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